This is a new service that we are delighted to be able to offer. A full recording studio able to produce professional commercial quality audio for a variety of purposes.

Kevin Tappin & Michael Tipping provide a value for money, stress free environment where you can experience all the thrills that have previously only been available for the top professional recording artists or VERY rich. 

You can now fulfill your dreams and record your very own album for a fraction of the cost being offered by other studios in NZ.

For full details go to  or call Kevin or Michael on the numbers below to chat about what you'd like to do and I'm sure we will come up with a plan that will suit you.

We have had great support so far with some outstanding performers choosing our studio to record their most recent albums with us. 

Joy Adams, Coopers Run, Shirley O'Neill, Karen Robinson, Leeanne Dunn, Kay Tappin and Tap 'N' Tyme  have all completed their albums in the past couple of months.

And we have bookings for a number of others over the next few months, so don't hang around. Book a time now to make sure of your spot.

Prices range from $150 per song for recording vocals over a supplied backing track to $300 per song for a fully produced Mill Corner Studios backing and vocals.

Day rates are also available if that suits your requirements better.