We run a small but very efficient family style business. 

Our friendly and highly skilled team know what they are doing and will help you get the most out of your computer. 

We perform our work in the most efficient way using the highest standards and best techniques and are continually updating our knowledge, purchasing new workshop tools and software as well as updating our fault analysis procedures to give us the best opportunity of giving YOU the customer the result you expect. 

Kevin Tappin

Kevin started this company because he loved helping other people with their computer purchases and upgrades and sorting out the varied problems that seem to be attracted to customers computers!

It is his philosophy that the customers expectations of service should always be exceeded while at the same time satisfying the customers expectation of cost.

Kevin has been in business now for over 13 years and has succeeded because he enjoys what he does and because his customers appreciate what he does for them. He completed a NZ Certificate in Business in 2014 in conjunction with his daughter Carolyn. This was a real family bonding experience for the two of them and to share this success with Carolyn was the highlight of Kevin's 2014 year.

Kevin has been a Committee Member of the Matamata PRA for nearly 10 years and is currently the 2nd Vice President of Matamata Lions. He enjoys being able to help out the community his family has lived in and around for over a century, including a 3 year stint on the Matamata Community Board between 2011 and 2013

Kay Tappin

A capable and dependable administrator, Kay has been a godsend to the company with her ability to organise both people and paper in a professional and easy manner.

She is responsible for all the high level administration, GST and PAYE and is always coming up with new and inovative ideas to help the company, the management and the staff perform at higher levels.

Kay also finds the time to work part time at Matamata College as a Learning Support Assistant and was recently appointed as the Matamata College International Homestay Manager, where she is responsible for all out of school requirements for international students attending the College.

Kay is a Company Director and is a huge support to both Kevin and the company. She brings many additional skills to the Hurricane  team as well as being Kevin's rock ( a VERY necessary role). 

Nayan Ahir

Our youngest staff member is our Technical Manager, Nayan. He is skilled at diagnosing computer and network problems, monitoring computer processing systems, installing software and performing tests on computer equipment and programs. He will set up computer equipment, schedule maintenance and teach clients to use programs. He is also a certified Network Support and Building Enterprise Services Engineer.


Carolyn Raupi

Our front of house expert, Carolyn looks after all your front of house experiences, including the telephone, reception, accounts and all the duties involved with managing the Internet Caffe. 

She looks after the day to day administration of invoicing, job sheets, cash handling and banking. She is our girl Friday and we could not run the shop without her. 

Caz completed her NZ Certificate in Business in 2014 and has begun to take on a management role in the company. She shows promise that "one day" she will be running the family business without us.